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Let Music Live!

By Doug Droste The Artistic Director and Conductor For Let Music Live! Festival 2022


Buildings on the water in Prague in Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

This unsettling time in our world has caused us to change and rethink the way we live, but there have been a few silver linings as a result. I have spent more time with my family (sometimes too much…),

One aspect I always knew, but was even more so confirmed, is that I am incredibly nostalgic and forward-looking. (I have gotten better, but have to constantly remind myself to appreciate the present and remember how blessed I am with a wonderful family and career!)

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna Austria
View From St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna Austria

I love reconnecting with old friends (part of my admitted addiction to Facebook) and reminiscing on past stories, events, music, shows (LOVED Cobra Kai and can’t wait for Season 3). I also enjoy looking ahead to upcoming events, games, concerts, and trips.

As Director of Orchestras at Ball State University, I am excited to provide my students with this life-changing opportunity. Group travel through music, especially in venues such as these, creates a once in a lifetime opportunity for performances, in addition to the many memories your students will make sharing this experience with their peers. I distinctly remember two international performance trips I took as a student, and they remain some of the fondest memories I have of my school years.

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna Austria
St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna Austria

The Let Music Live Festival in 2022 will be just that- an opportunity to let music live, thrive, and be present in our lives as we create our new post pandemic reality. I hope you will consider joining us on this special adventure. I know I will be looking forward!

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