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Legatus is an international organization of Catholic laymen and laywomen, comprised of CEOs, Presidents, Managing Partners and Business Owners, with their spouses,  from the business community and professional enterprises.

Join Steve & Janet Ray creators of the Footprints of God Documentaries, Israel Experts, and International Author & Speaker

Israel | Feb 21, 2022 - Mar 02, 2022

Legatus members are invited on pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Steve and Janet Ray. We have the best Mass sites selected for you and we will visit every Rosary site and pray that Mystery while there. Join us!

Steve and Janet have partnered with the same Catholic Nazarene guide for all their trips over the last decade. Having a Christian guide is very important. You’ll enjoy Steve and Janet’s trusted hotels and delicious meals including amazing dinner experiences away from the typical hotel buffets. Wine is provided with all dinners along with a wide range of cuisines to experience the Holy Land to it’s fullest.

Steve personally teaches at the holy sites and shares experiences from over 150 previous trips to Israel and other biblical lands since 1995. We do everything we can to support the local Christians who only make up 1.5% of the population. Daily Mass at the holiest sites and we pray every Mystery of the Rosary where it took place. Also, pray the Stations of the Cross on the way to Calvary and Mass at the Tomb.

Enjoy a group of like-minded Catholics from around the country for a marvelous pilgrimage through the land of our Lord and Our Lady.


Hike the ‘Way of St. James’ with Legatus! A true pilgrims’ journey.

Spain | Apr 25, 2022 - May 03, 2022

This pilgrimage is meant to challenge you both physically and spiritually- an experience unlike anything Legatus has offered before. A journey which will require practical preparation, such as the ability to hike between 10-18 miles each day. The terrain will be uneven and rocky with steep inclines. It will require flexibility with comfort as you stay in very simple accommodations along the path, a true El Camino experience. Please join us for this rugged transformational journey!


Legatus Pilgrimage to Mexico

Mexico | Jun 10, 2022 - Jun 13, 2022

Pilgrims immerse in the most visited shrine in the world, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where an estimated 18- 20 million come annually to see the miraculous 500-year-old, cactus-fiber tilma of visionary St. Juan Diego, upon which Our Blessed Mother imprinted her image.

Included in this tour is a visit to the renowned Girlstown begun by Fr. Al Schwartz (now declared venerable) and the Sisters of Mary. Located in Chalco, MX – about an hour outside of Mexico City, it is one of 16 Girls and Boys Town schools established by Fr. Al to serve the poorest of the poor. It serves some 3,500 underprivileged orphan girls, giving them a new hope and perspective on life.

Tom and Glory Sullivan, members of the Jacksonville Chapter, have made 30 trips to Mexico. “It’s inspiring and prayerful to see the only painting in the world by God,” Tom said. He also became so taken by visits to Girlstown that he became a board member three years ago. “You are brought to tears of joy on several occasions including the Mass with over 3,000 poor high school girls singing enthusiastically and beautifully in unison,” he said.

Written by: Patti Armstrong

Price starting at $1,599 per person, double occupancy

Oberammergau Pilgrimage
with Legatus

Austria and Germany | Aug 22, 2022 - Aug 30, 2022

Travel to Bavaria to experience the world-famous Passion Play! Enjoy Alpine sightseeing, and visit sacred Christian sites along the way! The history of the Passion Play goes back to the year 1634 when the quaint alpine village of Oberammergau was threatened by the Black Plague that scourged Europe, killing two-thirds of the population in Germany. The people of Oberammergau vowed that if the village could be spared, a re-enactment of the life and suffering of Christ would be performed. The village was miraculously saved from the ravages of the Black Death. Now, the inhabitants of the town perform the play every ten years with critical acclaim!

Land Only Price Starting at $6,179 per person, double occupancy