Pilgrim Project: Catholic France

France | Aug 09, 2019 - Aug 18, 2019

Join Alan & Paula Sears, Dr. Nathaniel & Jane Peters and young professionals from the Pilgrim Project on a journey into Catholic France!

The Pilgrim Project and Corporate Travel are excited to provide a subsidized opportunity for young adults to encounter the faith, history, and culture of Catholic France.

Throughout the Middle Ages, monasteries served as the repositories of culture out of which European culture grew. But as Pope Benedict XVI observed, it was not the intention of monks and nuns to create or preserve a culture. Their goal was to seek God, “to go from the inessential to the essential, to the only truly important and reliable thing there is.” Explore the spiritual heart of medieval France, from the birth of gothic architecture in Chartres and Paris, to the great cathedrals of Burgundy at Autun and Vézélay. Along the way, we will learn more about how prayer shaped medieval culture and consider ways it can do so again in the 21st century. And like those whose works we see, we will seek God.

Pilgrims will also journey through the historic sites of Normandy, where World War II expert Alan Sears will tell the emotional story of incredible sacrifice, bravery, and virtuous leadership.

Pilgrim Project France will feature Medieval Paris, Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle, Montmartre, Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, Chartres, the abbeys and basilicas of Burgundy, and more! The subsidized land-only cost covers transportation, tours & events, accommodations, and most meals. Apply by April 15, 2019 for this life-changing journey through the country still called the Eldest Daughter of the Church!