Exclusive Tuscan Villa Experience with Joe Caruso

Italy | Sep 25, 2021 - Oct 02, 2021

This week-long, immersive Italian experience is focused on interrupting the patterns and unexamined ways of thinking in our daily lives to open your mind to the potential of your future.

​Having traveled to the Tuscany region of Italy more than 15 times together, Joe and Carol Caruso have carefully curated an exclusive and authentic Italian experience unlike any other for their guests. Flexible scheduling offers access to local gems, introductions to owners of the best restaurants in the region, unlisted tours of art galleries, and more. Attendees can spend their days however they choose, and there are no requirements to attend any of the offered group activities.

Villa Ivana will serve as a home base throughout the week, and guests will have access to one-on-one time with Joe to talk about pain points in their business, relationships, or simply for recommendations on where to take a personal excursion that piques their interests.

"For over 25 years, I've done retreats for organizations. I don't even like the concept of a retreat. The concept is to retreat...and I'm a forward guy. I almost died of cancer...I had to look forward! The only way to really learn about yourself is to have an objective other help you understand yourself." - Joe Caruso