Uncovering Michigan

Alpena, MI | Jan 01, 2018 - Jan 01, 2020

Take your students of a hands-on educational tour of a lifetime!

Thunder Bay Resort & Elk Habitat

  • Partake in a horse-drawn carriage ride into Northern Michigan’s wooded natural habitat
  • View untamed elk up-close and personal and learn about their successful reintroduction to Michigan’s ecosystem
  • Accommodations in resort villas and chalets with kitchen, family room, and separate bedrooms (one adult per villa required)

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary & Submersible Lab

  • Learn about marine archeology as we visit an active restoration lab, with reclaimed
    shipwreck specimens on display
  • Practice your skills navigating an ROV submersible on a state of the art simulator
  • Build YOUR OWN remote controlled submersible and learn the physics behind its operation
  • Test and operate your submersible in the sanctuary’s submersible lab tank

Devonian Fossil Dig with Paleo Joe

  • Learn about all the million-years-old treasures Michigan has to offer
  • Receive expert advice and tutorial on digging technics
  • Find and excavate real fossils from the Devonian-Age in a fossil-rich dig site
  • You GET TO KEEP all the fossils you find!

Alpena Glass-bottom Shipwreck Tour

  • Take a narrated cruise on America’s only fresh-water National Marine Sanctuary, home to hundreds of real shipwrecks
  • Examine the wrecks through the boat’s glass-bottom, some as shallow as only 15 feet!
  • Learn about the causes of real shipwrecks, the ongoing archeology, and the maritime history of the great lakes.