Let Music Live!

by Doug Droste


This unsettling time in our world has caused us to change and rethink the way we live, but there have been a few silver linings as a result. I have spent more time with my family (sometimes too much…), getting to know my children better as they grow and learn in this crazy time. I have slowed down my professional schedule (some by choice, some not by choice) that has allowed me to focus on what I really want to accomplish in the “back 9” of my career. And I have had plenty of time (sometimes too much…) to think, read, and learn about myself.

One aspect I always knew, but was even more so confirmed, is that I am incredibly nostalgic and forward-looking. (I have gotten better, but have to constantly remind myself to appreciate the present and remember how blessed I am with a wonderful family and career!)

I love reconnecting with old friends (part of my admitted addiction to Facebook) and reminiscing on past stories, events, music, shows (LOVED Cobra Kai and can’t wait for Season 3). I also enjoy looking ahead to upcoming events, games, concerts, and trips.

And on the flip side, I enjoy looking forward to big occasions which often help me get through busy and tough weeks. One future event in which I am greatly anticipating is the Let Music Live Festival occurring in June 2022. Rescheduled and rebranded due to COVID-19, this premier festival will feature performances in beautiful Dvorak Hall at the Rudolfinum in Prague, and the historical Musikverein in Vienna. Repertoire will include Dvorak: Te Deum (performing Dvorak IN DVORAK HALL…can it get much better? Well…), movements of Brahms: Requiem (in VIENNA!), an American work, Joseph Martin’s The Awakening (its text providing us with our festival title), and another work TBA.

As Director of Orchestras at Ball State University, I am excited to provide my students with this life-changing opportunity. Group travel through music, especially in venues such as these, creates a once in a lifetime opportunity for performances, in addition to the many memories your students will make sharing this experience with their peers. I distinctly remember two international performance trips I took as a student, and they remain some of the fondest memories I have of my school years.

The Let Music Live Festival in 2022 will be just that- an opportunity to let music live, thrive, and be present in our lives as we create our new post pandemic reality. I hope you will consider joining us on this special adventure. I know I will be looking forward!

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