Frequently Asked Questions

Please reference your tour’s Cancellation Policy to see whether we can offer you a refund at this time!

  • Occasionally a tour may cancel due to a lack of participation (ie: not enough travelers registered to operate). In these cases:
    • Passengers are reimbursed for any installments made towards their tour, such as their initial deposit or additional scheduled payments.
    • If you opted to purchase travel protection through our partner, Travel Insured, we will also request a refund of your travel protection premium on your behalf.
  • CTS is unable to refund travelers for any arrangements made outside of their tour package (ie: land only airfare or personal travel). For this reason, we strongly recommend waiting to make independent arrangements until you are notified that the tour will operate.
  • In the extremely rare case where a featured travel leader cannot travel due to extenuating circumstances, we will do our best to secure a suitable replacement. Travelers will still be expected to travel as planned.

  • Although this is a highly unusual, we would recommend Travel Insured’s Cancel For Any Reason Plan for those who wish to have additional securities against unlikely scenarios.

Still have questions about booking a tour? 
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International Tours, please call 866.468.1420

Educational & Domestic Tours, please call 866.550.1081

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