Where do I find the information I need to file my claim?

Trip Cancellation Claim Form Your Travel Protection Provider
Patient Authorization Claim Form If applicable, Your Travel Protection Provider
Attending Physician’s Statement If applicable, Your Physician
Information Request Form If applicable, Your Travel Protection Provider
Airline Credit
A written statement indicating whether or not you plan to use the credit on your unused airline tickets within 1 year after the issue date.
If applicable, Passenger is responsible
Airline Invoices
A copy of the invoice or e-ticket receipt showing the cost of the airfare.
If applicable:
Corporate Travel (CTS) Original Tour Brochure  or Flyer  (if tour is sold including air, airfare not provided separately)
CTS Cancellation Confirmation Email  
(If optional airfare was purchased, see value listed as an extra)  
Airline Payments
Copies of the cancelled checks, cash receipts or credit card statements showing the payments made for the airfare.
Your bank and credit card company
Land/Tour Terms and Conditions
Copy of the Cancellation Penalties of the Tour Company or Travel Supplier.
CTS Terms and Conditions   
(link in Cancellation Confirmation email)  
Land/Tour Invoices
Copies of the invoices showing the cost of the land or tour arrangements.
CTS Original Tour Brochure or Flyer   
(link in Cancellation Confirmation email)  
Land/Tour Payments
Copies of the canceled checks, cash receipts or credit card statements showing the payments made for the land or tour arrangements.
Your bank and credit card company
Land/Tour Refunds
A copy of the refund check or credit received from the tour operator or travel agent. If you have not received a refund, please have your agent state this in writing.
CTS Payment Schedule   
(Section in Cancellation Confirmation email)  
Land/Tour Itinerary
A copy of the itinerary showing the destinations and dates of travel.
CTS Original Tour Brochure or Flyer   
(See link in Cancellation Confirmation email)  
Travel Agent or Tour Leader Cancellation Statement
A letter from your agent or tour leader confirming the date the trip was cancelled. If no agent was used, please send proof of your cancellation.
CTS Cancellation Confirmation Email  
Verification of Cancellation
Documentation indicating the reason why you needed to cancel your trip.
Passenger to provide 

Frequently Asked Questions: From Travel Insured

What kinds of documents do I need to submit for my claim?

When you notify Travel Insured of your claim, they will ask a series of questions to understand the details of your claim. This will help them to determine the information they will need to complete the claim review. As a next step, they will send you a claim package that provides the forms and instructions needed to submit your claim.

Do I need to provide original documentation for my claim?

Travel Insured does not require original documentation, such as original receipts, death certificates, etc. If mailing your documents, please send them copies and retain the originals. They do not send back documentation provided.

What if I have questions after receiving the claims package?

You can call Travel Insured at 1-800-243-3174 (option 3) and one of our Claims Support Specialists will be happy to assist. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

My airline ticket says that it’s non-refundable, so why is Travel Insured asking for refund information from the airline?

In certain circumstances, such as illness, hospitalization, or death of the passenger or family member, or unexpected activation/revocation of military service, airlines do issue full or partial refunds, so Travel Insured needs to review the exact refund provisions that your airline offers.

Why do I need to submit proof of payment?

In addition to invoices and receipts, proof of payment is required to validate the exact claim amount.

Why does Travel Insured require the Unused Trip Expense Form (for trip interruption)?

If you booked your trip through a travel agent/coordinator, the Unused Trip Expense Form is required because it breaks out airfare from land/sea travel costs and also verifies any refunds available for unused portions of your trip.

If I have already submitted the travel supplier’s terms and conditions, why do I need to provide the travel supplier’s refund statement as well (for trip cancellation)?

The refund statement confirms the date that the trip was cancelled and any applicable refunds from the travel supplier/agency as specified in the Terms and Conditions.

If I have already provided medical information, why is Travel Insured requesting additional medical information?

If the medical documentation that you (or your attending physician) initially submit is incomplete, Travel Insured requests additional information to confirm that the condition is covered under your plan and, where applicable, not excluded as pre-existing.

Do I need to translate receipts that are written in foreign languages? Do I need to convert foreign currency into US dollars?

Travel Insured takes care of translation and necessary currency conversion. If you have paid by credit card, you can submit the credit card statement so they can reimburse the foreign transaction fee for covered expenses that the credit card has already charged you.

How can I check the status of my claim?

You can go to the Claims Status page to check if your claim has been started or paid, and you can contact Travel Insured’s Claims Department at 1-800-243-3174 (option 3) Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for additional assistance. If you have a customer profile, you can also log in to see the status of your claims.

How can I have my claims settlement made payable to someone else?

You as the claimant must provide a written statement authorizing Travel Insured to pay a specific alternate party.

My address has changed. How can I have the claims payment sent to my new address?

You as the claimant must provide a statement via email (, mail (P.O. Box 6503), or fax (1-860-430-2363) indicating your new address.

How do I appeal a claims decision that I’m not satisfied with?

You can submit a written statement (by postal mail, email, or fax) appealing the decision along with any additional supporting documentations, such as medical reports and receipts.